Kundalini Energy Yoga (KEY)

KEY to Success

Kundalini, the Divine energy within every human being, lies dormant and unused for most. The energy that encompasses the triple-fold function of generating, operating, and bringing about the dissolution of life, both animate and inanimate, is known as Kundalini Shakti. This energy exists at the core of every system, from the smallest atom to planets, galaxies, and the universe itself. In every human being as well, this energy lies coiled and dormant at the base of the spine. When this energy moves through the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, it acts as the energy for desire and action. However, when the same energy rises through the central nervous system, it manifests as wisdom, known as Gnana Sakthi (Intelligence).

Kundalini power can be intentionally achieved  through Yoga, utilizing techniques like Pranayama, Bandha, or Kriya. However, the most effective approach is to have a Spiritually Enlightened Master or Guru guiding the Kundalini Energy process which is then enhanced through regular meditation practices.

Today, we are fortunate to have a simplified Kundalini Yoga system created by the revered Guru Gnanavallal Paranjothi Mahan. He exemplified that individuals can lead fulfilling family lives and pursue regular professions while attaining Self-realization and Supreme Bliss. The greatest power lies within oneself, surpassing anything in the universe. This dormant power imbues self-confidence, courage, determination, and transforms individuals into extraordinary personalities. These exceptional individuals embody health, wealth, and happiness, free from ignorance and fear. It is the long-awaited aspiration of all human beings. 

Weekly Classes

Community Kundalini Yoga classes for Adults

Kundalini Meditation on Saturday

Kundalini Energy Yoga – Level 1 – Jeeva Raksha

Age : 18 & up

Prerequisite : None

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The Level 1 workshop, called Jeeva Raksha, focuses on breathing techniques and muscle locks called bandhas. These exercises aim to balance energy flow and boost the inner life force. Doing this 3-minute practice regularly can bring various benefits, including balancing the tri-doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha), improving longevity, strengthening immunity, and rejuvenating a sense of youthfulness.

Kundalini Energy Yoga –  Level 2 (Activation of Chakras)

Age 18 & up

Prerequisite : None/ KEY Level-1

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Kundalini Energy Yoga – Level 2 (Maha Sakthi Yogam) focuses on Kundalini Meditation, directing attention to one’s coiled energy. Chakra activation purifies and raises this energy to the forehead and crown, enhancing intuition and wisdom. The practice leads to supreme peace, our natural state. 

During Chakra meditation, practitioners feel Kundalini’s pulsation at the forebrain (Ajna) and midbrain (Sahasrara), experiencing sensations like throbbing, tickling, heat, and occasionally cold. This signifies the presence of the eternal soul.

Chakra Meditation

Stage 1: Forehead Center Meditation or Ajna Chakra Meditation 

Ajna chakra meditation aims to deepen the mind’s focus at the Third-eye/Ajna chakra, found between the eyebrows. Through the utilization of their own vital life force energy, individuals can engage in meditation focused on this center, fostering a deep connection with their inner vitality. 

Stage 2: Root Chakra Meditation or Mooladhara Chakra Meditation

Located at the base of the spinal column, between the anus and the urethra, lies the mooladhara, also known as the root chakra. This spot serves as the seat of kundalini shakti, representing the core center of the human body. By focusing on and strengthening the root chakra, individuals can cultivate a solid foundation of primal trust, inner stability, and a heightened sense of joy in life.

Stage 3: Crown Chakra Meditation (Top-head Eye/Crest Eye) or Sahasrara Chakra Meditation

Located at the top of the head, just below the skull, is a sacred spot known as the Top-head Eye. This spot serves as the focal point for Kundalini shakti, which can be directed towards the Crest Eye from its seat at the Mooladhara. This practice leads to the attainment of supreme peace and bliss. By activating the crown chakra, individuals can establish a connection with the highest universal energy (cosmic energy) and experience profound inner peace.

Benefits of Chakra activation:

Physical: Improved endocrine function, disease prevention, rejuvenated nervous system relaxation, pain and fatigue relief.

Mental/Emotional: Reduced stress and anxiety, emotional control, stability, increased willpower, enthusiasm, and positive qualities.

Intellectual: Heightened creativity, clarity of thought, rational thinking, leadership skills, reasoning abilities, and cognitive enhancement.

Spiritual: Transformation, psychological and physiological changes, expanded intuition and psychic abilities, connection with the cosmic center, soul realization.

Once individuals receive chakra activation, they are encouraged to make Kundalini Meditation a part of their daily routine. It involves practicing for 20 minutes in the morning and evening, seamlessly integrating it into their daily activities. For a step-by-step guide on meditation with breathing and stretches, please click here.

More info: Kundalini Energy Yoga –  Level 3 (Meditation Retreat) with Gurumahan

Where can I learn? 

The Chakra Activation can be obtained directly from a Guru or any Kundalini Meditation master (GnanaAsiriyar) from UPFNA/ UPF. You have multiple registration options:

Option 1: The KEY Level 2 program is a 10-12 hour program conducted at UPFNA centers. For information on upcoming sessions and registration, Please click here

Option 2: Learn Kundalini Meditation over a span of 21 days. The first stage will be on the 1st day, the second stage on the 14th day, and the third stage on the 21st day. These sessions will be scheduled after attending the regular Kundalini Yoga classes. To request an appointment for the meditation, please call 402-218-2054 or email communications@

Option 3: Attend the 3-day residential course at UPF, Thirumoorthy Hills, India. For more details and registration, please click here.

FAQ On Kundalini Energy Yoga – Level 1 &2 

  • What is Kundalini Energy Yoga (KEY)?

KEY is a refined and accessible system of yogic practices that harmonize the physical, mental, intellectual, and spiritual aspects, leading to overall well-being. 

  • Level 1 workshop is known as Jeeva Raksha (life force management) session, and

Level 2 workshop is referred to as Maha Sakthi Yogam, which focuses on Kundalini Meditation and directing attention to one’s coiled energy

  • What will I learn from this program?

Simple yoga postures for the body

Breathing techniques to purify the energy channels known as nadis

Kundalini meditation to awaken the dormant hidden power and increase energy levels

Relaxation techniques

  • What are the benefits of practicing KEY?

Improved health and vitality

Enhanced clarity of thought and action to navigate stressful situations

Spontaneous flow of inner joy and happiness

Cultivation of a deep connection with nature and the divine Mahashakti (core inner energy)

  • How do I enroll, and what is the required donation amount for the workshop?

To enroll in the workshop, you can easily register online at upfna.org, where you will also find the donation amount for the workshop.

  • Who is eligible to attend this workshop?

Individuals aged 18 and above are welcome to attend this workshop.

  • Who leads this workshop, and for how long?

The workshop is led by a Wisdom Teacher and trained instructor from UPFNA (Universal Peace Foundation of North America). If fortunate, His Holiness JAGATHGURU MAHA MAHARISHI PARANJOTHIAR, the revered “Ambassador for Peace” and the founder of the Universal Peace Foundation in India, may also conduct the workshop during his USA tour. The session’s duration will range from 10 to 15 hours based on the situation.

For the upcoming workshops on September 6, 13, 20, and 21, the sessions will be conducted by Gurumahan. Don’t miss this opportunity. Register for the class using the following link.

  • What language is used for instruction?

During the session conducted by Gurumahan, the primary language used for instruction is English. For complex concepts, trained volunteers provide translations as needed. However, during practices, the language transcends, and the essence of teachings goes beyond words.

  • Are there any restrictions for elderly individuals or those with health complications?

If you have any health concerns, please inform the instructor during the enrollment process. They will provide guidance and support as needed.

  • What is the recommended attire for this workshop?

Please wear loose-fitting full pants and a half/full shirt in white (preferable) or light-colored. No shorts or sleeveless attire are permitted.

  • Should I bring anything specific for the workshop?

Please bring your own yoga mat, cushion and water bottles.

  • What are the general recommendations for the workshop?
  1. During the workshop period, it is recommended to have a vegetarian diet but not mandatory. However, during the session, it is advised to have a light stomach. You can consume water, milk, coffee, or any liquid food before the workshop.
  2. Attendance is expected for all classes (All 10 hours, 4 sessions).
  3. Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes early to settle in and attune yourself to the divine energy of the hall.
  4. Kindly store your shoes and coat in the designated area.
  5. Sit in an orderly manner in the class, with women on the left side and men on the right side.
  6. Keep your cell phone ringer off/turned off during the sessions.
  7. Questions will be addressed at the end of each class.
  • Is there a KEY Level 3 Course available?

Absolutely! We offer the “KEY Level 3” course known as the “Meditation Retreat.” This retreat is specially tailored for individuals who have completed KEY Level 2 or have undergone crown chakra meditation. This retreat will be conducted by Gurumahan. To find the available courses in US or from India, please visit the link here .