Jagathguru Guru Mahaan Paranjothiar was born on 11-02-1955 in Bhavani, Tamilnadu, India. His Parents were Thiru.Krishnamoorthy and Smt.Lakshmy Ammal. They deemed him to be a Thavamani, a son born after much penance. When he was older, he was called Jayamani. At the age of seven, Jayamani had an out of body experience, and he realized he was different. He kept quiet about it, in case people thought him mad, and determined to pursue the quest himself. His youth was spent learning yoga and visiting various holy places as well as perusing holy scripts in the search for the truth. He trained in Hatha Yoga in a renowned school. His formal schooling ended at the Pre University, level as his parents could not afford a university education for him. He therefore worked as a lab assistant in the college. Yet he was persistent on his spiritual on his spiritual path.

Spiritual Entry.

At eighteen years, he learnt Transcendental Meditation. He Practiced sincerely and at nineteen he obtained initiation into “Kundalini Yoga” meditation. It caused him to ask a lot of questions. His teacher decided that this young man of twenty needed to meet his master to obtain his answers. So he went with his teacher to Thiruvalanchuzhi, a remote village, where lived the great Guru, GNANAVALLAL PARANJOTHY MAHAN., who from being a Muslim, had realized his spirituality, from a master in Burma, and later taught it in India.When he entered Mahan’s Presence, he heard Mahan say

Come my son, you are the one I have been waiting for. I knew you would come!

At Mahan’s touch, He felt a self realization he had longed for. He understood all.

Entry into Vanaprastha

Although he was keen on a yogic life of brahmachari, Mahan persuaded him that he should get married. So a bride, who was his sister’s daughter, Mahalakshmi was chosen and he married at the age of twenty five. Married life is no barrier to spirituality, according to Mahan, who was also married with children. It was the way of the future. He asked his wife whether she would like to have a child or be mother to the whole world, and she left it up to his wish, so they have no children, by choice! At first she did not subscribe to the spiritual path, but eventually she joined in his work.

Guru as A Disciple

He was devoted to his master Gnanavallal Paranjothy Mahan all his life, till Mahan went into samadhi in 1981. When Mahan passed into Samadhi, a real heir was not immediately apparent. Mahan had predicted that eventually some one would come along. He did not indicate who it would be. Meanwhile Guru Mahan was the secretary of the spiritual Society, Universal Peace Sanctuary and there were other luminaries among Mahan’s disciples as well.

Holy Penances (Velvi)

In December 1991, Guruji as he was fondly called undertook a 21 day penance for the upliftment of the spiritual values of the people. He was locked up in his room in ‘Deiveeham’, the house in Bhavani. He emerged after 21 days of deep meditation, not eating, not speaking, and not seeing anyone, on 07/01/1992, which was Mahan’s Samadhi day. This penance was consecrated to the element Earth.

Thereafter the next year, from 16.12.1992 to 10.01.1993, the velvi or penance for 21 days was held in a thatched pyramid shelter on a rock on the confluence of the rivers Bhavani, Kaveri and Amutha. This penance was for water.The third velvi, which commenced on December 16th 1993 till 01/01/1994, was performed in an underground pyramid constructed in Green Park in Salem on the slopes of a hill.The fourth velvi was conducted in the pyramid in the new ashram in Thirumoorthy Hills. The land had been bought by a disciple, Mr.William Bhoopala Joseph, and the pyramid was constructed by Mohamed Rabi Ahmad, an engineer according to the right dimensions. This penance was for the element of Fire and ‘Homas’ were on all four corners of the pyramid.

Significance of all Penances

What is the significance of all these penances? Why does he feel compelled to do them? Is there any urgency to the situation and if so what? The earth is at a critical time in history. Contrary to common belief, mankind has a profound link with the earth. We have reached a point in our evolution where we have polluted the earth. There are no earthworms in some places. We have polluted the waters. We need to buy clean drinking water. We have polluted the air and illness and disease result. We have polluted the ether with our wave technology and satellites.Worst of all is thought pollution. We also have eroding relationships among people. Families are disintegrating at a rapid rate producing dysfunctional individuals. There are poor moral and spiritual values. In the name of modernization and material wealth we have forgotten human values which are the core of a holistic and enjoyable life.

A Gnani’s Sangalpa (VOW)

It is that by the year 2010, at least 1 % of the world population will become truly spiritual. This is critical mass and the changes on earth, the disasters and discord among nations can be assuaged to great degree if that is reached. Guru Mahan uses his penance to draw people together and share the burden and joy of looking after world welfare. The world is a one room schoolhouse and there are many teachers so not all are drawn to the same flame Guru Mahan teaches that love is the only weapon we have humility, Spiritual awareness transcending race, color, language and religion, knowledge, talent, happiness, beauty, peace, humor and grace are the birthright of every person and he teaches us how. His divine work is given freely. He looks for the like minded individuals who would like to take up the work. He says, just as his master said, that

Spirituality and Governance should Unite, for peace and prosperity in the world