Kids Yoga Classes Aug 2023- May 2024, Register now!!


Registration for Kids Yoga & Personality development (1st Grade/Age 7 & above) in-person & online classes started a few days ago……. 

25 years of service to kids (& parents/Adults) to transform to future leaders/great personalities

Course begins: Wednesday Aug 2, 2023

Time to register: ~ 5 mins

Donation amount: only ~ $12/13 per session -> – includes 1 time setup/registration fee

2 ways to donate/pay for classes ( 50% tax deductible….)

– Pay/donate for the whole year as before -> $450 – $500(Based on Grade/Level) for the whole course/year and get $25 off
– Monthly AutoPay (new option) – only $52-$57(based on Grade/Level) per month (up to 8 months)

More details:

Register at: Kids Yoga & Personality Development – August 2023 – May 2024 – UPFNA

Class Timings, policies, recommendations page: kids-yoga-class-timings

Note: If registering for more than 1 kid, please enroll separately with different email addresses/username and NOT under the same user/account/cart session.

Sibling registration discount coupons:

siblingdiscount2023full (or) siblingdiscount2023recurring – to get up to $60* off ( to be used only for second kid registration)

Your registration login can be re-used for other/future services of UPFNA.