“Congratulations to Our UPFNA Kids Yoga Stars! Regional Competition Success Inside!”



We are happy to announce that our UPFNA Kids Yoga students participated in the regional yoga competition conducted virtually by USA Yoga on May 6th, 2023. Congratulations to all the kids for giving their best during the competition!

We would like to express our gratitude to Venkatesh sir, UPF, India, for guiding all the kids online over the past two and a half months. We also thank Jean from USA Yoga for providing online guidance.

We deeply appreciate your continuous support as parents in encouraging your children to participate in competitions and enrolling them in extra classes, in addition to regular classes.

At UPFNA, we are always here to provide help and support to your children in any way possible. We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Let us continue working together to guide and nurture our children in the healthiest possible way, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Please find the link to today’s competition video below:


Boys 9-11:

Subramanean Babu Meiyappan (UPFNA, Texas)- 1st place
Rayirth Pandit (UPFNA,Nebraska)-3rd place

Boys 12-14:

Sri Akshay Hariharan (UPFNA, Nebraska)- 1st place
Satvik Rachagani (UPFNA, Nebraska)- 2nd place
Ketan Valluru (UPFNA, Nebraska)-3rd place

Girls 9-11:

Mansi Adduri (UPFNA,Nebraska)- 1st place
Anvita Sureshkumar (UPFNA,Texas)- 2nd place

Girls 12-14:

Aryana Vanaparti (UPFNA, Nebraska)- 2nd place
Advithi Hoskot Ramars (UPFNA,Nebraska)-3rd place

Girls 15-17:

Sanjana Jayanti (UPFNA, Nebraska)-3 rd place

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