Universal Peace Foundation of North America

Everyone is always searching for Santhosham, everlasting happiness, and peace and to be free from problems since that is the very nature of a person. Whatever one does, tries to do it in such a way that one could be free from problems. Since very few have a complete understanding about themselves, one finds humanity to be always surrounded by problems and no way out of it. In order to forget the problems, one tries to perform the same tasks, which have given them happiness earlier. Because of the lack of self-knowledge and mental strength, one fails to realize that the source of happiness is within and does not come from outside. Whatever one does to be joyful, one feels the happiness only from within. To be always happy and peaceful, one has to find the means to reach the source of happiness from within. The most easy and effective process to help one reach this source of joy is Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. Kundalini (in Sanskrit) means coiled energy.

Kundalini energy is nothing but the divine cosmic energy or the life force, which pervades the whole universe. Since it is the pristine force, which has no other source, this energy is the source of true happiness. A small speck of this invisible cosmic energy is present in everyone’s body coiled around the base of the spine and is lying dormant in most people.

UPFNA aims at waking up this dormant energy for one to meditate on that energy consciousness. This is consciously felt by the practitioner. This conscious feeling takes one to a new height of understanding. One realizes that there are subtle things not known to him so far. By meditating more on the divine energy or the life force using proper techniques, the mind becomes focused and free from stray thoughts. When the mind is calm, the Individual cosmic consciousness links with the universal cosmic consciousness and experiences great happiness and peace.

Happiness and peace cannot be found outside

Learn this secret and dive deep within.