Therapy Yoga

In a private yoga therapy session and in yoga therapy class, we comprehensively move through basic yoga postures to understand and experience their mechanics and their relationships to normal and stable movement patterns.

We explore their capacities for healing specific injuries, analyze postural difficulties, and inquire into any obstacles you are already working with.

Class duration: 1 hr

Suggested Donation:  $160 for 4 Classes 

                                     $290 for 8 Classes

Classes offered throughout the year.  We would be happy to assist you, please call 402-218-2054


1. Registration is required for all the above classes.

2. It is highly encouraged to make your appointments at least a week in advance. If for some reason you cannot keep the appointment please notify the instructors, so that they can plan accordingly.

3. Please note that cancellations require 24 hr. notice.