Theme: “Focus in-depth” – with Simple focus exercises (with candle/lamp) as part of Community Kundalini Yoga class for adults today at 6:10 pm online(with Webcam/Video ON)


While we are well into summer and past mid year, let s get into fun/focus session/Thraataka exercises with Candle light/Traditional lamp with oil ( not electric) as part of our weekly/Wednesday Community Kundalini Yoga class for adults.
Please join us at 6:10 pm today using the Google Meet link below:
Join Google Meet with “Webcam/Camera/Video ON” PLS…….

What: Community Kundalini Yoga Class for adults, Theme: Focus in-depth
Where: Online via Google Meet
When: Today @6.10 PM CST
Items recommended: Yoga mat, Candle/Traditional lamp with oil,wick, Lighter/Match box, a chair/small table next to you to keep the candle/lamp in front(use more caution when around pets/kids)

For those who joined us later this year, reminder about Monthly signup and donation towards this weekly class with 20 min refresher sessions Mondays/Fridays.
Kundalini Yoga Community classes(online) signup – 3 days/week – Monthly donation – UPFNA
Donation drive by UPF, India for Divine food(Irai Prasaadam) distribution to practitioners, visitors & the older poor – UPFNA

Blessing from Gurumahan !!!