Qualities Needed for Self Realization


O intellectuals!  Know and understand the place you are dwelling and the path you have to go. For ex: presume that you are living close at a place in Erode (a place in Tamilnadu,India) and want to come to our spiritual gathering and you ask me for direction. First of all you must know where exactly you live then only I will be able to give you direction to the gathering place. In the same way, you must know yourself whether you are in devotional state or Action/karma state or state of wisdom.

Till now you approached Guru to eradicate the ordinary physical and mental problems. Guru was considerate. Now to eradicate your past life Karma you will be shown the path of gyana. You will require a tool to walk on the path of gyana/knowledge.

For example if you want to travel by train, you have to go to railway station and get a train ticket and reach the platform where the train is expected to depart and get into the correct compartment and occupy the proper seat. Then only you will enjoy a comfortable journey.

What are the steps necessary to adopt the path of gyana?

Its necessary to Prepare yourself/make yourself fit to walk in the path of Gyana/wisdom. Preparation is a necessary tool to gain wisdom.

For example: You meet the principal of the school and tell him “‘ I must be successful in the exam/competition”

You will never be successful.

But if you study hard and prepare yourself, success is eminent. In the same way to reach divinity, prepare yourself and then ask the people who has reached the divine state to show you the path.

All these time you asked Guru about the problems pertaining to physical health, material things etc. As the principal of the school listening to the Alphabets. At least now use guru to eradicate (life and birth cycle) all your past actions. The education which will give you total satisfaction (helps you to reach divinity) learn that true education.

There are two stages in Gyana or knowledge. Para Gyana and Apara gyana.

The one which is stable or permanent is called Para Gyana or supreme knowledge and that which is unstable or temporary is called Apara Gyana.

You are the seekers of wisdom. Distinguish clearly between permanent and temporary.

Qualities you need to possess:

  1. To be unwilling towards Good and Bad effects caused due to past actions/karma.
  2. Able to distinguish between permanent and temporary.
  3. To regulate inward and outward discipline, sincere, free from desire, self content, unchanged state of mind and peaceful.
  4. To live a life of self realization.

1. Unwilling to face good and bad effects of past action

Don’t live a show off life for the sake of others. Do your duties without any expectations. The life cycle will end automatically by the power of meditation. This is Gyana.

What we learn and give up is wisdom

What we learn and acquire is wisdom

What we learn by and through such learning  is wisdom

The clarity we attain in and by such learning is wisdom

A person should lead a human life. As you are in the path of Gyana, do not expect others to judge you. You judge yourself. This is what is called self- education. This is also self -improvement.

Are you not willing to accept the good and bad effect of karma/past action? Ask /question yourself.

2. Difference between permanent and temporary

What is permanent/imperishable? One, which does not change, is permanent. 
For example: Electricity is unchangeable/same (permanent) but the objects that generate the electricity can be changeable (temporary)

The soil is the same (permanent) but the building build on it may change (temporary).

Realize the Permanent objects. If you realize then only you will know that you are permanent.

Physical body, material objects, relationship is all temporary. Set your mind in that which is permanent.

Are you still able to distinguish permanent and temporary?. Ask/ Question yourself

3.Thamam (Outward discipline)

Thamam means the outward discipline. (to discipline five sense organs). To regularize the actions caused by Mouth, Eyes, nose, Ears, mind and take an optimum decision is said to be outward discipline.

Samam(Inward discipline)

The inner self, which is always restless, consists of Mind, thought knowledge and Ego. As its tendency is to look on more of unwanted things and analyze, it needs to be regularized and try to focus the mind on that’s really important.


Uparathi means to be free from desires and attachments. Any Desire or attachment in life has a string of sorrow attached to it. Unsuccessfulness/unachieved ends is not accepted by the mind it leads to frustration and abandonment.

Necessities of life have no string of sorrow attached to it, as the mind is not affected to a greater extent.

All of you must think the path of Gyana as a necessity in life. If you just desire the path of Gyana, you will not attain. That is why it is said do not just keep desire, desire alone will not help to attain the supreme. 
Try hard as though its indispensable/necessary. Keep unconditional belief in that (supreme). The people in the path of gyana should not utter the word difficult.

Put yourself in a trial to Examine whether you are fit to the path of gyana/knowledge. The practice will show the result.

God created you never with the intention of making you suffer. At the same way guru also never forces or orders you to carryout this and that. The person who needs to be told to carryout any action is considered as small. But I consider you as big or equal to me. I respect you as volunteers/ person taking initiative to carry on work. Even in that there are rules that what should be done and what shouldn’t be done? It is not difficult to expect/get better results if we do 4 hrs of hard work Instead of 2 hrs, and is considered as hard work or dedication/determination.

All of You being the seekers of Gyana do not have to face difficulty to attain divinity but only need determination.

Understand and Distinguish desire and Desirelessness (free from desire) and lead a life of awareness.


Thathicha means to face difficulties arising by themselves. O the seekers of Gyana if you are confronted by unexpected events face it with courage. The unaccepted mind would not know to forget and forgive

The person who thinks the suffering is caused by others – He is in the state of Bhakti

The person who thinks he himself is the cause of his suffering – He is considered to be in the state of Gyana

For example: “it is a mistake to be born” because you thought about it that is the reason you were born in this world.

If you decide not to undergo the suffering of life, try to reach eternity. Think what you need to do to attain eternity.


Peace means to feel contentment of everything in life. Without satisfaction there is no peace.

Fulfillment. What is fulfillment/satisfaction?

To obtain necessities of life is fulfillment. There are innumerable necessities in life.

O seekers of knowledge, Ask yourself/ find out yourself from the time of birth had you been content on anything in your life so far?

Attain something, which is ultimate and henceforth there, nothing else beyond that to be attained. That is complete satisfaction. That is the Supreme/ State of divinity. If you reach that state, (state of divinity) mind will be at peace. Complete satisfaction lies in self-realization. This is the only state of supreme realization.


Concentration with Unconditional belief is called respect/sincerity (shredha). For example: let us mention about Meditation, under the given circumstances if meditation is performed with full concentration along with unconditional belief/trust. That is called sincerity.

That is why elders/ancestors always mention that carryout your duties with eye and attentiveness (in other words all duties should be done with full sincerity, awareness or concentration)

“Eye” mentioned here is the top eye and forehead eye and not the outer eye.

This is what is said by Jagat MahaGuru, ” By wearing at the crest, the essence and embryo of the third eye”. This is considered as meditation offered with sincerity. The same reference is mentioned in Mantra. Even if a person performs meditation standing with one leg for 1000 of years will fail to see the supreme if its done without belief and respect.

There will be no victory or success if a work is done without unconditional belief and sincerity.

O seekers of knowledge! Perform meditation with full and unconditional belief and sincerity. You will be definitely victorious or successful. There is no doubt about it.

Salvation, Fulfillment

To live the life to the full or complete is called fulfillment. For example: when a house is build completely and is arranged with necessary things in orderly way then only it is possible for anyone to live in it.

In the same way, when needs are known through realization, fulfillment in life is achieved.

What is to be attained?

Supreme state is to be attained. When this idea appears and reaches to the supreme that is called live the life to the full. This is not something that can be attained through physical body.

What is permanent/complete in the whole universe?

The supreme, soul, self (brahmam) is only permanent/complete.

O seekers of knowledge/intellect, Ask yourself if you thought of attaining the supreme state in your life.

You have set the goal yourself to attain the supreme state. I don’t have to tell you anything.

For example: A child comes to the mother and says mom,” I am going to study hard and get first rank in the whole state”. So the mother need not have to tell her child to study hard. Just showing the child the ways and means to study is more than enough. In the same way, you have realized that you are the seekers of knowledge. So guru need not have to tell you the beginning path of knowledge.

O seekers of intellect/knowledge in no circumstance you should tease or talk bad about others. Try to remove your defects.

Try to realize and remove your mistakes with full conscious mind . If you repeat the same mistake again after realizing, you will be considered as little or low. If you avoid the mistake after realization, you will be considered as intellect. If you follow these four very important paths of knowledge, it is possible to attain the supreme state. You will attain the supreme.

O seekers of wisdom, when you were young you learned about outer (visible) parts of body in the school.

When you grew up and went to higher grade you found out about your inner parts of the body. But you did not find to keep your mind and body healthy or fit. You mortgaged those two to the physicians. Come forward and try to find out and remove the minor ailments and malfunctioning of the body and mind.

What is that in the form of life? After the realization of that, try to realize the supreme. Life energy and supreme are different.

Seekers of wisdom, you can realize the supreme. You will achieve self-realization.

Santhosham!! Santhosham !! Santhosham !!