Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy yoga is very vital for all female signifying the role and responsibilities of the parents to bear a healthy and cognitive child.

The science of yoga can be safely and effectively applied during all stages of life for enlightened and problem free living and pregnancy is no exception to this.

Yoga if practiced regularly under restraint and guidance is known to have an immensely positive impact during all phases of pregnancy.

Pre-natal yoga  class benefits:

Positive healing energy to mother and baby

Increased circulation

Toned muscles

Maintaining physical and mental balance

Strengthens the uterus and pelvic muscles

Strengthen the back muscles

A steady breathing practice during pregnancy will help open the chest, relax the lower organs and improve circulation in both mother and baby, ensuring a better supply of oxygen to the blood. Pre-natal Yoga also calms the nerves and gives the mother greater control of her breathing during labor and childbirth.

No of Sessions: 8

Suggested Donation:  $ 35 per class / person- $280(for 8 classes-  must be completed within 10 weeks)

$ 60 per class / up to 3 people)

Classes offered throughout the year. We only need 3 people to start a class just for you so, if you have a group interested in starting, let us know. We would be happy to assist you during your pregnancy.


1. Registration is required for all the above classes.

2. It is highly encouraged to make your appointments at least a week in advance. If for some reason you cannot keep the appointment please notify the instructors, so that they can plan accordingly.

3. Please sign your name in the sign-in register.

4. Please note that cancellations require 24 hr. notice.


Questions?/To Register: Contact us at communications@ / 402-218-2054