No Kundalini Yoga Class this Wednesday 11/23 & Amazon smile reminder



There is no Kundalini Yoga Class on Wednesday 11/23 on account of Thanksgiving weekend.

UPFNA wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

Just a reminder to use and choose Universal Peace foundation of North America) when using Amazon to do shopping this week or in future

Universal Peace through Individual Peace

UPF India, as per Gurumahan’s request ( founder of Universal Peace Foundation and Ambassador of Peace awardee, Guru and guide), is doing a donation drive for Divine food distribution to those visiting UPF headquarters at Thirumurthy hills, India including
* practitioners meditating and seeking inner peace,
* visitors seeking blessings from Gurumahan or
* those seeking answers to different challenges in life.
UPF also has mid-day meal program to serve older poor people in villages around the center.
UPFNA humbly requests each one of you to donate whatever you could…. Simple and easy to donate

Blessing from Gurumahan !!!

Universal Peace Foundation of North America

(A non-profit for Kundalini Meditation and Yoga)

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