Kids Yoga Referral Reward Program

Refer another new student and get them registered in one of the best Kids Yoga Program in Omaha, NE…
Get Rewarded !!!

Valid until Dec 31st, 2023!

Who is eligible for the reward?
To qualify, your referral must be a new student and registered by Aug 31st.

Where to mention about referral?
When new student registers on our secure site, they can put in your Kid’s name under “Referred by” and we will give you a Gift certificate with a coupon code which you could use on our site for any future program.

What is the reward?

By referring a new student to one of the best Kids Yoga programs in town, both your kid and the new student will be blessed with the opportunity to join a program that includes Personality development in its curriculum. This reward itself would take the kid to the next level of growth and development.

Additionally, both your kid and the referral will be contributing to a non-profit organization that has been serving Omaha, NE, and its vicinity for over 25 years.

Apart from learning from one of the best programs where kids win Yoga competitions and challenges every year, they will also gain knowledge in traditional Hatha Yoga, breathing, focus techniques for holistic health, and much more.

As a gesture of appreciation for your referral, you will also receive a $70 UPFNA Gift Card*. Please note that both students must maintain their attendance until at least January 2024 to qualify for the rewards. This gift card/coupon cannot be combined with any other discounts or offers and has no cash value.

Don’t miss this chance to share the benefits of yoga with your friends and give them the opportunity to learn from one of the best Kids Yoga Programs and a non-profit organization dedicated to Kundalini Yoga & Kids Yoga!