Kids & Teens Yoga/Personality Development(2024-25)

Our Kids Yoga classes are tailored to offer a comprehensive practice that is inclusive of all young people.  For children, it provides numerous benefits, including enhanced flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness, as well as stress management techniques in today’s fast-paced world

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In our yoga classes, children will explore the holistic practice of yoga, which goes beyond physical exercise. They will learn various aspects of this ancient system of practice, including postures (asanas), breathing techniques, relaxation methods, concentration exercises, and meditation. Additionally, we will discuss the eight limbs of yoga, mudras,  healthy eating habits and natural remedies for common health conditions like cold, fever, and headache.. We aim to provide children with a comprehensive approach to well-being that they can carry with them throughout their lives.

Extra Practice Session

Level 1-3 (Grade 1-12): To help promote a consistent yoga practice for your child , we provide each child with a weekly yoga practice sheet, as well as an audio recording of the sequence for most weeks. Additionally, registered participants are invited to attend a free 20-minute practice session online via Zoom every Tuesday and Friday from 5:30 to 5:50 pm, led by our volunteer student practitioner. These resources can help your child establish a regular yoga routine, which can have significant benefits for their overall well-being

Students who are in 8th grade or above have the opportunity to participate in our volunteer and training programs. For more information on volunteer opportunities and awards, please click here.

For detailed information regarding instructor, schedule, policies, holidays, and recommendations for our Kids Yoga classes from August 2024 to May 2025, please click here

Donation amount: Only ~ $12/13 per session -> – includes 1 time setup/registration fee ($25-$40)

2 ways to donate

Option 1: Whole year – $450 -> $500 for the whole course/year and get $ 25 (Offer expires August 20th)
Option 2: Monthly recurring payment of only $52 to $57 per month (for up to 8 months). This monthly option is available only for those starting in August or September.

Note: If registering for more than 1 kid, please enroll separately with different email addresses/username and NOT under the same user/account/cart session. Your registration login can be re-used for other/future services of UPFNA.

Kids yoga class uniform :  UPFNA logo T-shirt and pants. Click here to order

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Please note that 200$ of the registration amount can be claimed as a tax-deductible contribution.

Please obtain a matching gift from your (or spouse’s ) employer, if you have any question on matching gift contribution contact

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For students joining in the middle of the year, the suggested donation amount will be adjusted proportionally based on the remaining months.

Note: The maximum capacity for each class is 12 students. In the event that there are not enough students enrolled in a particular class, we may need to transfer your child to another class with the same age group at a different time. If the new schedule is not feasible for you, we will issue a refund for your payment. We will strive to keep the original class schedule, but we may need to make changes as needed.

Yoga classes for competition:

Our advanced yoga classes at UPFNA incorporate asanas, pranayama, and advanced poses based on the UPFNA syllabus, as well as theoretical knowledge. While we may not cover all competitive level asanas, we do practice some that can help students prepare for competition postures. If your child is interested in competing, we can refer you to coaches who specialize in competition practice. Alternatively, students can practice competition postures on their own.

Please note that competition practice classes may have a separate fee of approximately $300 for 20 classes and are typically offered from mid-February to the end of April, as well as in June and July.

Questions? Contact us at / 402-218-2054

Who is eligible for the reward?

To qualify, your referral must be a new student.

Where to mention about referral?

When a new student registers on our secure site, they can input your Kid’s name under “Referred by,” and we will provide you with a Gift certificate along with a coupon code, which you can use on our site for any future program.

What is the reward?

By referring a new student to one of the best Kids Yoga programs in town, both your kid and the new student will be blessed with the opportunity to join a program that includes Personality development in its curriculum. This reward itself would take the kid to the next level of growth and development.

 Additionally, both your kid and the referral will be contributing to a non-profit organization that has been serving Omaha, NE, and its vicinity for over 25 years. 

Apart from learning from one of the best programs where kids win Yoga competitions and challenges every year, they will also gain knowledge in traditional Hatha Yoga, breathing, focus techniques for holistic health, and much more.

As a gesture of appreciation for your referral ($50), you and the new student will also receive a ($25) UPFNA Gift Card. Please note that both students must maintain their attendance for a minimum of 6 months between Aug 2024 – May 2025 to qualify for the rewards. This gift card/coupon has no cash value. Both will receive the gift coupon code at the end of May 2025.

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If I refer more students, do I get a higher referral amount, or is there any limitation?

No there is no limit.