How to Register for one of the best Kids Yoga & Personality development classes Aug 2021 – 22 batch

  • Santhosham – As we know, UPFNA is one of the very few fortunate organizations guided by a self-realized Guru and has been conducting “Kids Yoga and Personality development classes” since 1998. UPFNA is fortunate to also have kids who have won several competitions each year like USAA Yoga competition and are international top ranked. Kids don’t just learn Yoga as a physical exercise but also learn breathing, meditation for holistic health and stress free life. Kids understand Yoga in the true sense as union with one’s own self. UPFNA strives to bring out great leaders for the society. Hence we also cover Personality development sessions as part of the curriculum.
  • **********************************************************************************************
  • Now, time has come to register/renew your kids enrollment for the year Aug 2021 ( starts Aug 11) – May 2022 and help kids succeed in all paths & stages of life.
  • “Current Kids Yoga students will have only until July 20th before it is opened up for new students”. So, pls complete the below simple process asap.”
  • *********************************************
  • Things/Info needed prior to registration/enrollment:
    • Which Group to enroll to & which day ( or you could browse the site and choose while registering)
    • Paypal account or credit card
    • PC/Laptop or mobile device
    • If registering for more than 1 kid
      • Finish 1 enrollment/registration and then start over/ proceed to the next.
      • Use separate email id for each kid to get enrolled
      • Coupon code: siblingdiscount2021 to get ***$80** off ( to be used only for second kid registration)
  • *******************************************************************************
  • To register/enroll for the course of choice and add Yoga dress item if needed
  • This experience would be just like ordering an item in an e-commerce site.
    • Choose the right Grade category
      • Choose the course/session
      • Add to cart
      • Continue shopping to add Yoga dress if needed
      • Apply any coupon( only for second kid)
  • Proceed to Checkout
  • For existing students, click to login (using your “elearn” login and use reset password to reset if needed) – Initially, it was reset to “Password1!” but if that does not work, use the reset password option.
    • Your username: either firstname.lastname or emailaddress
    • If you have any difficulty here or not getting an email, please email us back and we will
  • For new students -> email address and password would be asked as part of billing info & registration.
  • Add Billing info
    • Please fill Student First name/Last name for name rather than Parent to ensure right enrollment happens in our elearn module

  • Please fill other details
  • Pay using Paypal account or credit card
  • Once order is complete, you could click on “My enrolled courses/sessions” and my courses menu within to go to the course.


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