Bhakti, Yogam and Gnanam


Some excerpts of the speech delivered by Guruji Mahan at Paranjothi’s place on Sunday, Feb 18, 2001 at Universal Peace foundation, Erode


All the life forms evolved once, returns to its origin is called Yogam. Yogam means reunion. The origin was an united entity, now it has taken many forms and attributes. It has to be united again, He who unites is GURU.


All the living beings are evolved from universal energy – scientific explanation. All living being are creation of supreme – spiritual explanation/vedanta explanation. Though the interpretation is different but the meaning is the same.

State of Bhakti, Yogam, Gyanam:

A person looks at the sea from distance, Another persons drinks the sea water, Third person baths in the sea water.

In the same way a spiritual person looks the god through Bhakti/ Devotion.

Another person who is in the state of Yogam enjoys God.

But the Third person who is in the state of Gyana becomes God himself.

Path of Gyana:

The path of Gyana means to accept whatever the life brings.

Instead of living for the sake of others.

To live a life of realization is spiritual life. Is this selfish? No. As long as the action is harmless to others. It is not selfish.

When an action is performed with an intention of fruit is Bhakthi. When the action is performed as duty without the intention of fruit is Gyana.

The path of Gyana is the way of knowledge, way of love, way of energy and through this, calmness and Peacefulness is attained/achieved.

For example if a child in the schools thinks that if he/she gets good grades she will be rewarded, This it is considered Bhakti. At the same time a research scholar will not expect like this as he studies for his sake and is also gets rewarded. This is advanced state called Gyana state.

To become an IAS officer (in India), one has to take effort to reach that position. In the same way to attain knowledge one should prepare oneself. The effort of intellect is to attain knowledge. The effort of others is to keep praying to the same that they want to attain.

We are intellectuals. We learned that God is there and we prayed.
Now we have become researchers to find out who is god? We are also doing research to see how to utilize the supreme power. We should believe this unconditionally.

State of knowledge/intellect :

To attain self realization (universe within us) while in the mortal world (life with 5 sense organs or outward life) is the state of knowledge. This is the state of oneness/salvation, after that there is no birth or death, go to whence there is no return.

Salvation (Mukthi) :

A tree grown of a seed, again bears flowers, fruits and ripes and becomes the seed again. In the same way For ex: In case of woman she is born , blossoms into an adult, attains motherhood, after these there is a supreme state beyond all this that is Divine state. That is whole. That is retiring from material world.

To live a life for others is a meaningless life. Even showing Love, is not for others. Affection, Grace and Mercy all qualities are within you. And will appear itself by your thought and action .The entire universe is evolved /governed by that Love.

Love and God are not different.

Love and attraction are not different.

The path of Gyana is the root of Love.

Love is pure and impartial. A Gyani should show love.

To Know the secret of reasoning :

The color of blood in all human is the same. But during the blood test the quality of the blood is identified. How to identify impurities of mind? By the way of action. Life has impurities. If we examine our life energy we can identify it. How to examine Life energy? Life energy which flows through the central nervous system can be brought in between the eyebrows (forehead eye) and given an extensive thought we will realize our good and bad deeds, and can improve and arrange our actions accordingly. The reasons can be clarified by our self.

Appearance of the universe, its dissolution, individual mind, habits all these which we see in nature are within us. By self Enthusiasm, Perseverance, and determination should work towards learning it. This needs dedication.

Santhosham !! Santhosham !! Santhosham !!