A Positive Attitude


Summarized version of the spiritual speech delivered by our Beloved GuruMahan on Mar 4/2001 in the Paranjothi Hall of Universal Peace Foundation, Erode, India

To lead a life of fulfillment each person should carryout his duties with the sense of realization. When is that possible? This is possible only when we attain self-realization or pure consciousness. That is only through positive thinking, this state is attainable.

For instance let us think that a boy who is in 10 grade wants to achieve first position in [academics] his state during the board exam [final exams conducted by state board] the most important thing for the boy is to have a positive thinking/approach. He should show attachment towards his goal, which is obtaining extraordinary grades in all exams. He should show detachment towards watching television, gossiping with friends, spending long time outdoors, playing his favorite game, going out to watch movies etc.[All these are hurdles on his way towards reaching his goal]

All these above detachment mentioned is considered as the positive approach of the boy under the given circumstances. The boy will be definitely successful in achieving his goal.

In the same manner, to reach the supreme, the physical body has to be kept fit, as it is an important tool in human life in reaching self-realization. Positive thinking is very important to be healthy. When there is attachment towards our health/ physical body, it becomes impossible to win the body. Think whether your attachment is centered on your life or safeguarding your health.

Moreover, if you show no attachment to the body, you might forfeit the eating habits. As there is a proverb ‘death is inevitable whether it happens at 6 or 100 years of age” mentioning or thinking of such sayings you might end up spoiling your health. What is the attachment for? Most important attachment must be in looking after health. There must be detachment towards intake of food, which is unnecessary and harmful to health. As told by Mahan ‘ learn whatever you want; discard whatever is not good’ follow the good sayings.

For example, a person with diabetes should have detachments towards eatables made of sugar. This will be a positive approach as the person will be healthy.

A person with asthma, should have detachments towards ice cream, which will be a positive approach and his health will be good. Detachment towards unwanted things and attachment towards wanted things is needed in order to safe guard or protect your health and this is victory over the physical body.

It is to re-enforce that in order to safeguard the mind and body both attachment and detachment should be used in proper ways. In the same way, if you intent to win everything- show attachment to things which will keep the body fit/ healthy and detach towards things that is unhealthy to the physical body. By removing unhealthy habits, the body stays healthy and is also protected from diseases.

The mind become strong when the circumstances that lead to unwanted mental unsteadiness, confusions and doubtfulness is removed. When the mind is won, one reaches the supreme state.

The life energy is present in all parts of the body. This life energy is called kundalini shakti. In plants, the kundalini shakti is in seeds. In living beings, it is in blood and life source.

In human body, kundalini shakti is life energy. Kundalini energy is in muladara (base of the spine) which is the foundation /support for the human body.

The kundalini energy in muladara (base of the spine) manifests in the form of WILL (desire) icha shakti. That means it is only used by the five sense organs. It has to be converted into kriya shakti (Action). After its being converted the same energy manifests itself as knowledge, will power, and soul energy.

That is the reason when concentrated at muladara (base of the spine) the body becomes healthy. In case of any illness, when we meditate the invisible soul energy at muladara (base of the spine) the body receives enough energy.

When the mind is weak, the same life energy is brought upwards through the central nervous system and concentrated in between the eye brows, it changes into will power. Then the mind becomes strong.

When the life energy and soul energy is concentrated on the top head eye, knowledge/wisdom is obtained. Only at this state of mind, we are able to think clearly as to what we need and what we do not need in life. In other words, we are able to distinguish our necessities and desires.

When we go deeper beyond knowledge, that changes into divine energy. We are able to feel the divine energy at thuriya state (beyond sahasrara).

Kundalini shakti that was in the base of the spine, when goes beyond forehead eye and meditated constantly on the top head eye turns into soul energy. Is this energy manifests only at thuriyathirth? No.

The cosmic energy is at thuriya-ahthith. What is Ahthith? It means beyond. What is it beyond? It is beyond this physical body.

That is why the All Pervading Supreme is beyond (Thuriya thirthan). He is beyond space, sound, seasons, time, reasons and country. He has multifarious manifestations.

The God or Supreme who is beyond all entities can only be reached by going beyond to his abode. First of all, reach thuriya, after reaching thuriya go beyond that state – only then one can reach thuriya thirtham (Supreme).

In the beginning, we were tiny particles and went inside the womb in that form, after that got shape, Each and every soul born desires and strives to go upwards (to reach the supreme) but gets lost to find its way. We, the intellectual souls with knowledge know the upward path to reach the Supreme.

From the muladara, through breathing, energy has to be pulled upwards. When chanting ‘Shiva,Shiva’ the concentration drifts from the sound energy along with breathing and beyond that the mind goes to the state of stillness ( the mind becomes one with the supreme). Who is making us breathe? Is it not Someone inside us makes us function?

Some enjoy listening to the chanting or songs (he is in the state of bhakthi)

After listening, some try to know the name of the person who sang or chanted. (he is in the state of Gyana). As we are Gyani’s, it is said that when we follow/lead the chanting or songs, we can reach the singer or the chanter.

The Energy or power that controls mind, body, blood circulation and breathing is at the base of the spine (muladara) we concentrate at the base of the spine to know the functions of the body and concentrate in between the eye brews to know the condition of our mind. To know the sole energy we meditate at top head eye. The purpose is in re- enforcing the observance of the divine vibrations after reaching Thuriya.

The one who controls and regulates the sole energy is the “Supreme”. When the concentration goes beyond the top eye – thuriya thirth stage- the soul attains all its originality and when it passes through the stages of love, knowledge, Happiness, calmness and peace. It attains unlimited love, knowledge, happiness, calmness and peacefulness.

Though we have come from expanse (an endless boundary) but we think that we have certain boundary but truly, we are not bind by any boundaries.

That is why we have to go beyond those boundaries built by us. That is if we have to reach thuriya thirth, first of all we have to reach thuriya. What should we do to reach this? If truly want to attain the supreme, if you truly want to find out about that all mighty, if you want to realize this cosmic energy – the life energy has to go upwards from the base of the spine (the connection of the nature to supreme)

The origin of Atom which was manifested at first from all pervading supreme. Now the same atom has manifested itself as the origin in human form. When the human realizes his true self, he attains purity/supreme self. He attains totality or becomes whole. Unless the totality is achieved, one cannot feel fulfillment in life. Only in the state of fulfillment, one can overcome the cycle of birth.

That is why it is said, Believe the supreme. Then realize the supreme (God) In the state of realization carry out the duties with perfection.

We believe that the whole universe is operated by an invisible energy/force. Then we understand that Almighty God is that energy and show devotion towards God.

“You are Jivathma (human being) and I am Pramathma (supreme)” – you realize me.

Realize that I am within you and carryout your duties,” says Bhagvad Gita.

There is no need to read each and every chapter of Bhagavat Gita. If you perform the duties with realization, you will change into Gita itself.

This is a good time to do action with self-realization. Utilize the circumstances to the best, to perform great duties. The blessing of Guru and Almighty will be always with you and safeguard you in every walk of life.

Santhosham!! Santhosham !! Santhosham !!