RSVP: Divine Qualities summit – Nov 13, Sunday, 4:50 pm – Hindu temple community hall


UPFNA in association with Vedantic Center of NE is excited to invite you all for the 12th Global Peace day celebrations for Congregational meditation( for inner and global peace as per Gurumahan’s guidance ) and Divine qualities summit for the whole family
When: November 13, Sunday 4:50 pm CT
Where: Hindu temple community hall
RSVP below

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  • Divine Qualities Summit details:
    • As we know, Inner peace emanates from Divine qualities and vice versa.
      In this summit, each family would be given a divine quality to choose ( either spin the wheel or pick from a list)
      They would be given 10 mins to discuss within their family and present the below
      Brief explanation about what this quality means?
      Why is the quality important for our day-day life?
      Story or example of someone who have applied this divine quality in life and been successful
      How would one practice this quality as a family for the next 3 weeks?