FAQs -> Yog’alloween Sunday Nov 5 2023, 3 pm – 5 pm CT

  • Yog’alloween?
    • Yog’alloween for family is a platform & a non-profit event hosted by UPFNA for the 1st time where
    • KIDS
      • Register for Yoga mat space ASAP before slots are filled up
      • Dress up like Halloween & be ready to do the Yoga poses associated to the Character/costume on their mat on stage and when Audience visit their Yoga mat
      • Reverse of Halloween( Kids stay in 1 place and Visitors visit their mat) with Yoga fun & learning.
      • Win Raffle Prizes, do trick or treat, perform on stage, participate in Pumpkin Carving Contest and win Prizes..!
    • AUDIENCE/Visitors( free entrance)
      • Visit each Yoga mat like a booth and participate in “Trick or Treat”
      • Can buy goodies at the welcome desk or bring their own
      • Encourage/appreciate the kids
      • Visit food stalls
      • can support by present on Yog’alloween and / or becoming a Sponsor
  • Sounds like fun for kids?
    • Absolute fun for kids right from 3 pm – 5 pm ( Wearing favorite Costume, Doing yoga poses, getting treats, Watching other kids costumes and Poses)
  • Participation age for Yoga mat space?
    • 3 – 15 yrs
  • Can i reuse my previous costume?
    • Please!! You could also design your own Costume
    • Not willing to wear a full costume, Partial consume or covering your face with your Character face is also ok.
  • Is Yoga mat space only for UPFNA Yoga kids?
    • No…! any kid can take a space, wear costume and perform Yoga pose pertaining to that character.

Event: Yog`alloween for family
When: Sunday Nov 5, 2023, 3 pm – 5 pm CT
Where: Hindu temple social hall