Kids, be ready for Halloween &… Yog’alloween!!


Santhosham Kids,
Event: Yog`alloween for family
When: Sunday Nov 5, 2023, 3 pm – 5 pm CT
Where: Hindu temple social hall
Participation fee for kid: only $10
Participation age: 3 – 15 yrs

Description: Yoga + Halloween = Yog’alloween …!

  • Yes Kids!
    • Dress up as your favorite animal, cartoon character or hero and
      Say “Trick or treat” to whoever comes to your spot (pls bring Yoga mat, treat basket)
      If you heard “trick”,
      do the yoga pose associated with that character( Cat Pose, Dog pose, Camel pose, Sage pose, etc)
      and make the other person to try to do the yoga pose.
      If you heard “treat”
      do the Yoga pose and then exchange treats.. and put in your basket!! It’s that simple and way too much fun.
      We will also call you by your character or your name to come on to the stage and perform!

Do NOT tell your friend what you re going to become/wear that day and which pose you re going to practice and perform.
Rather, use this sign up form & tell us and we will have a certificate ready for you and goodies along with opportunity to win prizes…!