FAQ Audio ( Tamil with English translation)

Kundalini Meditation

  1. What is Yoga?
  2. What is Meditation?
  3. What is Kundalini Meditation?
  4. What is the difference between Kundalini Meditation and other Meditations?


  1. Why we need a Guru?
  2. How to identify the Guru for the spiritual practice?

Learn Kundalini Meditation

  1. What are all the prerequisites of Kundalini Meditation?
  2. Who can practice Kundalini Meditation and is it safe?
  3. How meditation helps in day to day life?
  4. How to learn Kundalini Meditation?
  5. What is the most comfortable position for Meditation?
  6. How long should we need to practice Kundalini Meditation in a day?

Practice Kundalini Meditation

  1. Importance of Mooladhara (Root chakra), Ajna (Brow chakra ) & Sahasrara (Crown chakra)
  2. How to feel the energy in the forehead?
  3. Is there any one breathing technique to strengthen Agna & sahasrara chakra?
  4. Benefits of Kundalini Meditation.
  5. Is Kundalini Meditation enough or we have to do Aasnas, Mudra and Bandha in everyday life?
  6. How to know if we are practicing Kundalini Meditation properly?

FAQ Audio ( Tamil with English translation)