Yoga for Adults

This class is specially offered for ADULTS (Age 18 & up)  who are ready to kick start yoga into to their daily routine.  Asanas are broken down with a sequence of stretching practices (preparatory techniques) followed by the final posture to ease the flexibility for everyone. The gentle flow of yoga asanas are taught with the synchronized breathing to get the optimal benefits from the practice.




Session 1 (8 classes)




8.30 am to 9.45 am

Aug 16th,23rd, 30th,

Sep 6th, 13th ,20th, 27th

Oct 4th


16415 Yates St, Omaha, 68116


8.30 am to 9.45 am

Aug 18th, 25th,

Sep 8th, 25th,22nd, 29th

Oct  6th, 13th


16415 Yates St, Omaha, 68116




Suggested Donation: 

8 classes:   $96

16 classes: $175

For Group Yoga: $ 50 per class / up to 6 people

We only need 3 people to start a class just for you so, if you have a group interested in starting, let us know.(402-218-2054).  We would be happy to assist you.


  1. Registration is required for all the above classes.
  2. It is highly encouraged to make your registration three days in advance before the session starts.
  3. Please note that class cancellations require 24 hr. notice.
  4. Makeup class is available only 24 pr hr prior cancellation notice to your class, makeup's will be scheduled depend upon the space availability during the same session, it will not carry forward to the next session                                               
  5.                                                                        Santhosham