Kundalini Yoga Beginners Workshop (6 Weeks)


Kundalini meditation releases blocks, stimulates circulation and the glandular system to a higher level of functioning. The result is a reorganization of the emotional energy and feelings that are tied into the body structure. In this way, it magnifies the vital energy in every cell of your body. The focus lies on balancing the glandular system, strengthening the 72,000 nerves of the body and bringing the body, mind and soul into balance.


Learn simple to moderate:

 Asanas /Postures for  physical and mental well-being

 Pranayama /Breathing techniques for mind control

 Yoga Nidhra /Relaxation for relieving stress

 Dharana /Concentration techniques for better focus

 Dhyana /Kundalini Meditation for higher bliss and peace


Min Suggested Donation: $100

Please register and also share it with your friends.

Venue & Time

Class Schedules:

Santa Clara

Venue : 2141, Sheraton dr, Santa Clara, CA 95050


This workshop starts when a group of 5-6 people register.

Call 408-306-3157 for class details.