Simple 1 minute Focus for effective Stress Management Guided by Gurumahan visiting from India after 4 years


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Thursday Sep 14, 6:10 PM – 7:10 pm (CT)

Community Hall, Hindu Temple, Omaha NE

As we know, Stress management is critical in life and easy to manage

if we have the right knowledge and learn from the right source.

Learn from (Sathsunga with) a Self-Realized Guru

****GURUMAHAN visiting from India****

how a minute of focus can greatly help ……

* bring back clarity, focus, energy

* manage stress and overall holistic health

Experience it to believe it!

Only takes 20 mins to learn and takes only a min every few hours to manage stress and bring greater success in life.

Let us also learn/understand how much our thoughts wander even within a minute and that even a minute of focus needs the Grace of a Guru.

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Simple 1 minute Focus

Simple 1 minute Focus

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