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3 hour Jeeva Raksha workshop

(Guided by Gurumahan)


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Monday, September 16, 2019


Tuesday September 17, 2019 > 6 pm - 9 pm

At: UPFNA Center ( 13501 A St Omaha NE 68144)

Pre-requisites: None

This is a new workshop being conducted across the world.

Jeeva means life force and Raksha means protection.

Jeeva Raksha Yoga workshop enables one with simple yogic techniques to lead a stress free, healthy and happy life.

It is a great alternative to pills for a healthy body and mind.

Jeeva yoga is centered around the yogic practices which was followed by enlightened masters, Siddhas/ Yogis, to lead a healthy life.

This also gives oneself the opportunity to

  • understand the human body composition
  • art of balancing the tri-dhoshas (Vata, Pitha, and Kapha) and
  • learn simple stress releasing techniques that you can practice every day.

The three doshas are derived from the five elements and express unique blends of physical, emotional and mental characteristics. The goal is to eliminate unwanted impurities/toxins accumulated due to modern lifestyle and environmental changes.

Learn from the Master himself.

Take home a simple 10 min practice sequence to detox,de-stress, rejuvenate and start fresh every day.

Minimum Donation

$75 - early bird ( $90 after Sept 10th 2019, includes ~3% processing fee + app fees)


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